Hello my name is Maria Gonzalez, and I am grassroots activist and community leader.  I have been a Commerce City resident for over 25 years and home grown. I am married to Jorge and have two wonderful adult children Yasmin and Tony.

I want to be your State Representative for House District 32 because I believe to be a part of the solution to challenges that face our community. Because like you, I want a better place for our families to work, learn, live and play.  I will advocate wholeheartedly for working families and small business owners that want to thrive in our community. Additionally, I strongly feel that our youth and seniors voices need be heard. I invite you share my vision of prosperity for our state. Please join me and together we can make a difference.

House District 32 currently faces unique challenges that need to be addressed immediately in order to achieve future growth.  My priority and vision is to create equal economic opportunities, address the affordable housing crisis that is impacting our young families and senior citizens.  Additionally, improve our broken education system and promote access to higher education to our growing population.

For the last 25 years, I have played several roles in non-profits and taskforce groups to improve the quality of life of our entire community. I have been an active volunteer and board member for several non-profit organizations and government associations in Adams County and surrounding cities, including the Denver Foundation, Commerce City Community Enterprise, Adelante Community Development, The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Belle Creek Charter School, The Metro North Chamber of Commerce, Quality Community Initiative, Commerce City Business Advisory Committee and Commerce City Business Retention Taskforce.

I opened Gonzalez Insurance Group in 2007 in Commerce City and I understand firsthand the ongoing challenges of running the day-to-day operations of a small business.  I witness our small business challenges on a daily basis including but not limited to high taxes, operating expenses, employee training and lack of business leadership training, guidance, and support in my community. I have been a mentor to many that believe in me and that is why I created Adelante Community Development, a non-profit organization with the responsibility to support our growing small business and ownership in Adams County. For the past five years we have assisted small business owners to access business training, mentorship, financial resources, and the dream to be a thriving business.

My prior experience in working with the local government in Commerce City coupled with my involvement in non-profits have served me well and allowed me the opportunity to create partnerships that will help me ensure positive change in Adams County.  I am not a politician by trade, I am an organic grassroots leader that has a strong desire to be the voice of the community that needs to be heard and has been unserved for decades.